What can we do?

Granger's is aware that each of our customers have unique needs. Whether your property is commercial or residential and you're interested in installation, maintenance, repairs, special filters, zoning, converting a wall heater to forced air or simply improving the air quality or lowering your monthly utility bills. We do it all.

  • We have our own crane for lifting units onto roof platforms
  • We have our own attic insulating equipment
  • We have our own warehouse and sheet metal shop
  • We have our own electrician.


Granger's has the ability to keep you comfortable when you want it. Whether you're interested in a central heating/gas furnace system, an integrated heat pump, a wall furnace or a floor furnace; meeting your needs doesn't have to drain your savings. High quality workmanship does not have to be the most expensive option on the market, so schedule a free estimate and allow a trained comfort consultant help you decide what will best fit your needs.

Air Conditioning

Whether it is a roof mounted, horizontal or ground installed air conditioning system, integrated heat pump or ductless splits, Granger's has the parts and whole system installation to keep you cool when you want it. Replacing or improving an air conditioner can deliver steady savings over the life of a heating system's life span, but efficient heating isn’t only about money. Since today’s furnaces burn less fuel to generate heat, they are better for the environment than their predecessors.

Areas we service

San Gabriel Valley, North Orange County and Pomona Valley.