There are so many variables when it comes to the cost of installing a Heating and or Air Conditioning System. These are questions that we would ask you.

  • How long will I stay in my home or business?
  • How much would I use a heating and or air conditioning system? Good example is: how much do you run the air conditioning in your car? You can always roll down the window but do you?
  • How much would you like the system to cost to operate?
  • At what temperature am I comfortable at?
  • How is my electrical service and could it handle a 220 volt circuit?
  • Is outdoor noise a concern?

A Good Deal?

Have you ever had a friend or neighbor tell you he/she just got his/her electric bill for the month scared the heck right out of them and they have to turn the system off because they can’t afford to operate it?

That’s because they chose a coupon contractor that gave them a good deal to install a standard apartment grade system in one day (and it looks like it) or they had the friend of a friend who’s brother has a uncle that does air conditioning make the decision for them and used standard equipment that get installed poorly.

Hey, everybody wants to save money. But there is a smart way it can be done. Know this ,"Everybody gets a good deal on standard equipment and a poor Installation".

They are meant for the Builders who want the cheapest equipment and easy to install to sell their project and move on to another project. Its just a numbers game. And the standard apartment equipment is right for them but most likely not right for you.

High efficient equipment only costs hundreds of dollars more, not thousands. We now have air conditioning units that cost as much to operate as a window air conditioner! That's right, a window air conditioner. In today's high utility costs the extra cost for high efficient equipment could pay for itself in one summer or winter.

Average Costs

OK, to the good stuff. What is the average costs using 80% Furnace and/or 13 SEER Air Conditioning using the best materials professionally installed and with a high efficient filter.

  • Floor heater converted to a wall heater $2,100+
  • Floor/wall heater converted to a forced air heating $5,500+
  • Floor/wall heater converted to a forced air heating and air conditioning $7,800+
  • Furnace change out replaced in the closet or garage $2,300+
  • Furnace in the attic change out $2,700+
  • Air conditioning with heating replacement in the closet or garage $6,000+
  • Air conditioning with heating replacement in the Attic $6,500+
  • Change from heating in the closet to heating in attic w/ air conditioning $8,000+
  • Electronic three zone control system added to a new install Add $2,500+
  • Electrical service panel upgrade $1,300+

Remember these are average costs. Yes, they are sometimes lower and Yes, they are sometimes higher. It all depends on what you have to work with and what size you need?

The key to a great air conditioning and/or heating system is follow the manufacturers specifications. The manufacturers provide the installation instructions on how to properly size the equipment. How to attenuate noise and make the indoor system very mellow/quiet. How to make it an even temperature so the whole structure heats up and cools off at the same rate. How to install new duct systems to ACCA manual D. And how to make the system very efficient.

The key to a great air conditioning and/or heating system is follow the manufacturers specifications. The manufacturers provide the Remember building codes do not call out for any of these performance items required by the manufacturer. All the Building and Safety Department cares about is if the system is safe and won't burn your structure down. They check the gas piping, the electrical wiring, the earthquake straps and the flue vent piping. They could care less if the system is quite, even in temperature, efficient or properly sized. So you want to have the job installed to the manufacturers specifications, warranty provisions and to building codes. And it all should be in writing on your proposal and contract.

Sounds so simple doesn't it. Do you know that you will have to get about 15 estimates to find one contractor that puts it in writing. Save yourself the misery of 14 other contractors. Just call Granger's for a free no obligation estimate. We have financing on approved credit and accept both Visa and Mastercard.